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Our energy is sustainable.
And so is our project value chain model.

Our power solutions consider everything – from the environment to the client’s running costs and bottom line.

The decision to invest in a large-scale renewable energy system in South Africa is a significant one.

We need to consider potential regulatory measures such as carbon taxing and the increasing uncertainty around electricity tariffs.

We evaluate the demands of investors, asset managers, customers and suppliers and their need for optimum up-time and uninterrupted production. In a scenario of uncertain electricity supply via the grid, investing in a sustainable, dependable alternative is no longer merely an environmental issue. It is a matter of commercial significance.

Attuned to the evolving needs of the market, we are right there - pro-actively providing the solutions.

Our turnkey approach ensures our clients maintain control and are kept informed at each stage of the project cycle. Clients are able to fully account for the value that is added at each stage by our experienced and dedicated team of professionals. Our services can also be applied in a modular fashion, depending on our clients' objectives and requirements.

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  • Client Needs Analysis
    What does the client want to achieve? Electricity cost reduction? 100% up-time? Decreasing company’s carbon footprint?
  • Site Identification and Evaluation
    This includes factors such as the solar generation potential of the site, orientation, roofing structure and type of roof, and shading.
  • Energy Modelling and Pre-feasibility
    We do a preliminary model of the expected energy yield, a shading analysis and a simple payback calculation.
  • Engineering Design and Final Feasibility
    Detailed design and costing.
  • Regulatory Approval
    Including permission to connect to the municipal grid, generation licences and Power Purchase Agreements if required, as well as ensuring that we meet the required technical standards.

Comprehensive energy project management...
from planning to power-on.

Project Management

Ongoing operational services keep your energy installation performing at peak.

Operational Services